How to Attract More Traffic to your Site

In any online business, the lifeblood is the traffic. And without it, success is hard to gain. The value of your website drops if you are not getting traffic, no matter how much money, effort, and time you have put into creating your site. This is because of all those possible clients who will not see it.

So, if you want to gain more site traffic, here are several ways:

Know that Content is Royal

You might not see the outcomes overnight. However, a good content marketing tactic is one of the greatest ways to improve site traffic in the long term.

Before, this might have meant filling your site with keywords in the effort to boost artificially your SERP (search engine result page) ranking. However, today, Google now advises explicitly against it. Though it is still significant to make content that’s SEO-friendly, the increasingly refined search algorithms of Google do a better work all the time of “inspecting quality”.

Results on the 1st Google page gain 93% of all traffic, according to SearchEngineWatch. Organic traffic spills off rashly from there. Increasing your organic search results by making content with quality is one of the greatest methods to bring more site traffic.

Get Social

One of the greatest methods to stay involved with your prospects and bring traffic back to your site is being active on social media. Though having a Twitter account and a Facebook page is more or less reflected a necessity for today’s online business, do not neglect the platforms that are less-established.

Optimize for Mobile

Google announced in May 2015 that the searches volume on smartphones had exceeded those on PC for the 1st time. The trend has sustained. Also, there is no reason to think it would decrease in the future with smartphones getting more sophisticated and faster.  Obviously, Google now features into the rating of SERP how smartphone-friendly a site is. It even provides a tool that’s free that could tell you how smartphone-friendly your site is.

Aside from the effect of mobile optimization has on the SERP ranking of your site, it could also impact client trust in your business and the probability that individuals would suggest it. Google discovered that 90% of individuals are likely to suggest a brand after having a great brand experience on their smartphones. Word of mouth, even in this digital age, is a strong feature for bringing traffic to your site.

Optimize For Speed

Page speed is another aspect that greatly influences usability, aside from SERP ranking. No one wants to sit around while waiting for your site to properly load. 41% of individuals abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to completely load, according to Kissmetrics. When it comes to slow loading page, image size is one of the most popular culprits.

Lucky for business people, Google provides a free tool that offers you a perception into how your site speed measures up.

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