Hi! Welcome – My name is Daniel and my motto is “No More Bosses For Me

Glad to have like minded people here – All of us doing the same thing at the same time – IMPROVING

Well, several times I was going to quit this whole Internet thing. I saw everyone making money except me. And every time I get ready to shut everything down I get a little sale – $5.00 – $76.25 – $532.96 never consistent though.

But it is in my blood and I can’t walk away from it. That is one of the reasons for this site that you are now on. You may be one of those who can’t get it figure out.

One thing I know for sure is if you quit you will not get it figure out no way no how. So, what I have to keep going back to is my “Y” – I have a 18 year old in college who is right now being groomed for the work for other folks syndrome.
Do the 40 hour thing – get the 2 weeks off thing and give half to Uncle Sam. Not to mention the drudgery of getting to the place that has plans on controlling her life for the next 40 or 50 years or so. I just can’t see that as the avenue for my baby.
So, here I stay – Every now and again I remind her to take a business course in school and upgrade her computer skills. I can’t tell her this for her – cause she will not see it – so I have to have everything in place when I let her know this is the route she should go. “No More Bosses For Her”
Between her mother and society – They have the work for others cemented in their brain and it will take a nuclear blast to loosen it up. If you haven’t found something to work for you as of yet – I have found some thing that has cause me to temporarily shut down everything else and just work on a few items: I sent an email to an affiliate who was sending me a new product everyday for like the last month. He didn’t respond – what I want to know is he using all those products. Gosh darn it – I do not want to be an affiliate that just sends out an email for the new gizmo. Of course do not get me wrong I want to monetize my site and I want to sell items no doubt, however, I want to be using them – so, when I say this is something I know for sure it is. 

I do not want to be one of those people who have taken my money over the years and disappeared. Or the ones that have hidden wording in the  GUARANTEE My goal here is to be the kind of person I would like to buy from. And I found that in 2 of my mentors – sure they here for business and who isn’t. Short note to those that want everything for free but expect others to pay them – well, good luck with that. I had to change my mindset from “buyer” to investing in me. My goal is to help others see that this can be done and everyone is not out for themselves Just recently I bought a product and the then I seen the same product for a cheaper price. I contact the owner of the product and got the difference return to me. Once again I couldn’t quit because there are some decent people here . But and this is a MIGHTY BIG BUT.

You got to search through the forest to find the roses. A couple of good vendors I don’t mind working with I have found. Part of their journey is helping others and that has become my journey also.

So, welcome to my site and I hope you find your JOURNEY

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Ask me about this – there is a really nice opportunity connected to this for the right person

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Ask me about this – there is a really nice opportunity connected to this for the right person

Ask me about this – there is a really nice opportunity connected to this for the right person

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